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Hello guys!! Here is Bridgit Mendler! I am the real one and if you believe in fakes is your problem, but please don't leave me bad comments. :) I play in 'Good Luck Charlie' and I played in JONAS( In the Episode called 'Wrong Song'-The first one) and I played in Wizards of Waverly Place, too :)
I was born in Washington,DC and I have one brothers: Nick. I was born on 18th of December 1992. :) My hair color is Dirty Blonde and my eyes color is brown :) My favorite food is chocolate :D, my favorite color is Coral.:D My favorite actress is Natalie Portmann and my favorite actor is John Krasinski. I don't have an all-time favorite movie, but recently I saw Up in the Air and loved it. xoxo

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HippieMusique 20 April 2011  
Hello!Can you please check my page and read the first album?Please!You can leave a comm if u want!Thx:)
SelenaWorld 19 June 2010  
MeaghanJetteMartin 19 June 2010  
Hi :) Here's Meaghan! <3
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